This is to notify you that this site will be closing in December 2014 for several reasons.

The first reason is that the site is currently being redeveloped but while this site is up and running, I am always putting off finishing the redesign. Bringing the site down will spur me on to finish it.

The second reason is that the current domain, .com, expires in December and as it doesn't describe the site correctly, I have bought a new, more descriptive, .org domain. So just for this reason, it seems a natural time to bring the site down

The third reason is that this site was always a beta site just to test the waters. The waters have now been tested and although people like using this site, it is starting to show its age (5 years old) and technologies have moved on

The new site will relaunch with the existing functionality but will be more efficient, and it will offer some new functionality such as offering multiple guesses for your invitees. It will also be more secure, it will be easier to use (e.g. your invitees will not need to register with the site in order to use it) and it will be available on all devices, from the smallest to the largest.

I'm really sorry for the inconvenience but hopefully it will be worth it. See you in early 2015 with!!